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Soon, I shall be off to something called a selection conference.

‘What is this?’ I hear you cry.

For several years now, I have been discerning a possible vocation to the secular priesthood. In fact, neither me nor my pastor can belive it’s been three years since I first approached him about it.

About five months ago (crikey, that’s nearly half a year!) I handed my application form into my diocese. It contained all sorts of things: the application form itself, my references, some very handsome passport photographs, my qualification certificates, my baptism and confirmation certificates, and finally a three-page essay about my journey in faith thus far. This pack took about four months to assemble last summer.

After this, I was booked into the selection conference. I’m still not sure entirely what it is, but essentialy it’s like a weekend-long interview with lots of people about various different things. They then write a report and make a suggestion to my bishop. So it’s quite important.

This is a interview I’ve kind of been waiting for for a long time, and now it is just around the corner. To be frank, realising this feels a bit like being whacked round the head with a big, wet fish; it has woken me up a little bit. This is not a bad thing for sure: I’d much rather I was alert than sleepy!

I shall not know what happens for about two months. I still have to have a psychological interview, which is another weekend away next month in the Easter holidays.

Oh, and in the mean time, I have a degree to finish. I’m sure that’s what I went to university for!


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